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2022-05-21 21:45:39 By : Mr. Andy Leon

BOSTON (WHDH) - A teacher at a Boston middle school is recovering after a student threw a cup of boiling ramen noodles in her face.

The student at McKinley, a school for children with special needs, attempted to heat up his lunch in the microwave with a textbook accompanying it when the teacher tried to stop him from microwaving the book. According to the police report, the student “stood up from his seat and threw his cup of boiling hot ramen noodles at the victim’s face.”

The teacher, who has not been identified, told police that she was in “excruciating pain,” especially on her face, ear and left eye, which were stinging.

The teacher was treated for the injuries by the school nurse and another party. She told the principal of the school what happened and she offered to call 911, but police say that call never came.

Boston Public Schools issued a statement saying that “this is an unfortunate incident that took place at the McKinley, and actions were taken to ensure the safety of the staff member involved and appropriate interventions have occurred.”

Four days after the incident, the teacher told police her face was still stinging. BPS has not shared how the school is handling the student, but detectives have filed a juvenile complaint with Boston Municipal Court.

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