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Matsuya's first vending machine surprised everyone with a secret burger.

In Japan, the name of the beef bowl is "gyudon" or "gyumeshi", the former refers to the large bowl ("​​don") in which it is served, and the latter highlights the rice ("meshi") aspect of the dish. Either way, they essentially mean the same thing, because beef ("gyu") toppings are always the protagonist of the show. If you are looking for a good one, the Japanese chain Matsuya is one of the most worthwhile places to visit.

▼ Matsuya chose to call their beef bowl gyumeshi.

As one of the most popular beef bowl restaurants in Japan, Matsuya has always been in high demand for meals. Now, thanks to the installation of a new vending machine outside the Nansago-cho branch, customers can satisfy them at any time of the day or night The demand is in the Koto district of Tokyo.

We had never seen a Matsuya vending machine before, so we looked sideways and were surprised to find that there was more than just beef bowls on the menu.

▼ This is the first vending machine in the chain store, and it is said that it is also the first in the beef cover industry.

It has only been open to the public since November 18, and there is not much knowledge about vending machines, so when we checked what it offers, we found things like Gyumeshi (300 yen [2.63 USD]), original curry ( 200 yen), and...Rosu Tonkatsu (tonkatsu tenderloin) made under Matsuya's supervision.

▼ There is also a friendly cow on the exhibit, boasting of its deliciousness.

On the top row of the machine are two-piece beef rice (500 yen), original curry pork cutlet set (400 yen), and beef rice and curry set (400 yen) options.

However, what really caught our attention was the middle row of vending machines, which contained two menu items that we had never seen before in Matsuya. There, next to Butameshi (pork bowl), there are two rice burgers, each priced at 300 yen.

▼ Gyumeshi Burger (left), Tonkatsu Burger (middle)

We immediately invested money and purchased one of them using the keyboard on the multilingual panel.

Everything in the vending machine is frozen, so you can heat them up and enjoy them hot at home. This is what we did with these two burgers. It has always been attracted by the mouth-watering pictures on the packaging. US.

According to the instructions, the best way to heat them is to leave them in the bag and cut a small notch on the top before microwave.

After a few minutes in the microwave, these have heated up well, and the rice in the buns looks plump, moist and shiny.

The tonkatsu burger is great, but a word of caution-the crispy tonkatsu in the middle is very hot, so be sure to let it cool down for a while before biting.

The gyumeshi rice burger is not so hot, like a hand-held gyudon, full of the familiar taste of the signature Matsuya beef bowl. The salty soy sauce in the rice buns is a great addition to the spicy beef center, and we will definitely stock up more of these to keep them in the refrigerator when Matsuya cravings appear.

▼ Look at the spicy beef rice center!

If you can't get to the vending machines in Tokyo, you can still taste these burgers by buying online. However, they are not available in stores, so hopefully we will see more such machines appear in branches across Japan in the near future. Judging from Matsuya's dedication to customer service, this is likely to happen.

Vending machine information Matsuya Minamisunacho Store / Matsuya Minamisunacho Store Address: Tokyo-to, Koto-ku, Minamisuna 7-4-6 7-4-6 Minamisuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo

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